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Yummy Sweets and Soda Shoppe

1150 N Hwy 89 Harrisville Utah 84404

A small Mom and Pop Shop located in Harrisville Utah. Find us on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

A small Mom and Pop Shop located in Harrisville Utah. Find us on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Yummy Sweets and Soda Shoppe has had a long journey, that isn't even close to being over yet. It all began in the beginning of 2019. But first, let us tell you a little about the Owners!

Matt Burt was born in 1973, and has worked in many restaurants over the years. He always dreamed of owning one of his own. In 1994 he married the love of his life Machelle, and had 3 boys with her in 1996, 1998, and 2000. For 17 years he worked for Southwest Airlines, and during this opportunity he injured his back doing baggage handling. This back injury would affect him for his entire life (Hint Hint: This is Foreshadowing.) After leaving the airline industry in 2012, Matt started a career in IT.

Early in 2019 Matt fell down his stairs making his back injury much worse, and had to leave his career in IT. Shortly after that he got into a car accident, and his back required surgery. Matt used this time on disability to truly chase his dream of opening up his own restaurant.

The idea evolved over time, and with the help of his youngest son Adam they brainstormed different ideas of what they wanted. The idea originated as a food truck. The plan was to sell Customizable Sodas, and Edible Cookie Dough. This changed after some market research, and advice from friends and family. They changed Edible Cookie Dough, to Cotton Candy. Matt and Adam, spent the majority of 2019 working on this business idea. They got a food trailer that was branded as "Bubbles" from a couple moving from the south. Matt had the idea of changing the name to "Yummy Bubbles."

January of 2020 changed the game for Matt. He found a storefront that seemed perfect for what he needed. He quickly got it, and began working on stocking the shelves. This storefront was originally a Popcorn store, and Matt loved the idea of keeping this product in his store. Now that his product was expanding, the name "Yummy Bubbles" seemed to no longer explain the brand very well. This led to the name "Yummy Sweets and Soda Shoppe."

Yummy Sweets and Soda Shoppe is now run by Matt and Machelle. There grand opening was March 2nd, 2020. Come in and enjoy what we have!